OggCamp Joins Forces With FlawCon

Hello everyone, Dan here. Can you believe it’s only 2 months to OggCamp 2019 now? I can’t. Then again I can hardly believe it’s been 10 years since we created this event and there’s some old guy staring back at me from the mirror… but enough of my problems because today I have some exciting news. Drum roll please maestro…

We are delighted to announce that we’re joining forces with FlawCon, a security and Open Source event that was due to happen in Huddersfield but sadly had to be cancelled. We’ve long had an interest in security subjects at OggCamp, with many talks from FreakyClown amongst others but we’ve never had a dedicated space for it. We wanted to see FlawCon happen in some form. So we’re handing over the keys to one of our talk rooms on Sunday October 20th to the great folks who run FlawCon to use as they please. I’ll be honest though, I’m really hoping they’ll use those keys to open the doors and put on some security talks/discussions rather than do anything else with them hehe :)

This all came about when an OggCamp regular contacted us to say FlawCon was having issues and wondering if we could help. “Of course we can” I thought, it’s the Open Source way right?!

So in addition to the many awesome things happening at the OggCamp 10th Birthday Extravaganza you can look forward to a mini FlawCon on Sunday and get your security geek on!

Don’t forget OggCamp19 will take place October 19th & 20th 2019 in Manchester, UK and tickets are already going fast. So book now to avoid disappointment!


I’ll be back with more announcements and news very soon, there’s so much to look forward to, eeek!

Until then take care of yourselves (and each other) out there :-)

Dan Lynch